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Recreational activities…

  • parks and playgrounds
  • spectator or participant
  • organized or casual
  • team oriented or individualized
…are bountiful in the Kempsbrier area, consisting of Kempsville and Greenbrier. The area is crawling with playgrounds, parks, athletic fields, paths, golf courses and more.

Nearby Playground and Parks

Area Playgrounds

Chances are, if you live in the Kempsville, Greenbrier, or the surrounding area, there is a neighborhood park near you. If not, use these park locators to find one near you. Also, you may want to venture out a bit and visit another park in the area. The parks are all different and unique and a change of scenery is nice every now and then.
Virginia Beach Park Finder
Chesapeake Parks
Chesapeake Parks (Map)

Parks and Trails

City View Park, in Virginia Beach , has several playgrounds, basketball courts, spectator ball fields, a multipurpose filed, picnic shelters and tables and trails! There is a hard trail, that partially goes through the wooded area, as well as a short soft trail too. These trails are extremely accommodating for those very light and short hiking jaunts.

Chesapeake City Park, in Chesapeake has fun for park, Fun Forest, skate park, and more.

Nature filled hikes are in the heart of Kempsbrier.
The Chesapeake Arboretum has miles of trails through trees and gardens. These trails provide moderate hiking, without being too removed from suburbia.

Spectator Sports

Spectator sports, are easily accessible, particularly in the Spring, Summer, and Fall in the Kempsbrier area. City View Park, located in Kempsville, has four ball fields and is home to many softball and baseball league tournaments. Check out the game schedule.* The Greenbrier Sports Park also has plenty of ball action. Both locations come with an abundance of amenities for players, and spectators alike, including bleachers, water fountains, restrooms, and lots of parking.

The Charlestown Lakes South Athletic Complex (5592 Lynnhaven Pkwy, Virginia Beach) is also full of baseball, and softball, activity during the weekends, particularly in the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. This location is ideal for family outings, to watch the younger teams play. All events here are organized by the West Kempsville Youth Athletics organization (WKYA). For more information about the WKYA, please see the Participating in organized sports section below.

Please Note:
The Charlestown Lakes South Athletic Complex is currently under renovation and there for temporarily not for use. It is expected to be completed this spring or summer. Check back for updates.

Participating in casual sports

Want to play a game of basketball or baseball? The Kempsbrier area can accommodate you.

Head out to City View Park in Kempsville, or Chesapeake City Park in Greenbrier for a pickup game of basketball, anytime in the evening during the week, and just about anytime between dawn and dusk on the weekend. Not in the mood for basketball? Is softball or baseball more your thing? How about kickball? Get a few family and/or friends together, and head out to a nearby public school, which normally has fields available over the weekend.

Golf is also a popular pastime in the Kempsbrier area. There are a multitude of golf courses in the area. However, Stumpy Lake Golf Course, in the heart of Kempsbrier, is a municipal (public) golf course; opened to anyone.

Participating in organized sports

There are plenty of opportunities for children and adults to participate in organized sports, in Kempsbrier. Kempsville, Greenbrier, and the surrounding areas are known for their organized sports leagues. Basketball, coed softball, volley ball, therapeutic recreation, and even tennis lessons are available.

Adult Sports:

Virginia Beach

Children’s Sports:

West Kempsville Youth Athletics
Chesapeake Soccer Club
Kempsville Recreation Association

List of Independent Athletic Leagues:
Independent Athletic Leagues

*Events are listed for locations in several Virginia Beach Recreational Parks; not just City View. Look for the location names of the schedule.