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A Spring Thing!

Spring is finally upon us!
April Shower
With warmer weather and longer days right around the corner, for many the time is right for:
  • Recreational Activities
  • Yard Work and Gardening
  • Spring Cleaning
With all that being said, as a friendly public service reminder, please remember to pick up after your pet.
Nothing spoils enjoying the outdoors like having an up close and personal encounter with doggie doo (or cat doo) left by someone else's pet.
Why Pooping Needs Scooping

Recreational Activities

Whether you are a sports person, or just like to get out and about in the great outdoors, Kempsbrier has an abundance of of activities. Browse through our Recreation and Sports page for quick links to nearby activities of interest to you.

Yard Work and Gardening

Now is the time whip the lawns back into shape…
Whether you do all of your yard work yourself, or get some outside help, the Kempsville and Greenbrier area has plenty of resources right around the corner..

Lawn Mower Repair/Used Lawn Mowers for Sale

Call or text 757-403-5056, Mr. A, if you need an economical used lawn mower or lawn mower repair and/or tuning. Mr. A is local to the Kempsville, Greenbrier, and surrounding areas. He purchases used lawn mowers as well.

Lawn Mowing Services

Don’t have the time to mow the lawn yourself and no other household members capable of doing the job? Affordable mowing services are plentiful in the Kempsbrier area:

Check back periodically for the contact information of economical, reliable, and professional lawn mowing individuals and companies.
Lawn Mowers for Sale

Spring Cleaning

When de-cluttering and cleaning happens, it usually results in the following piles:
Trash, recyclables, items for donating.

Trash is easy…it just gets thrown away. However recycling and donating can be a bit daunting for some. For example, what is one to do with all of those old batteries that are piling up, and just how hazardous are they to dispose with regular trash? It depends on who you ask. While some sources say it is perfectly fine to throw away alkaline batters, of any size (AAA, AA, C, D 6V, 9V) in your trash can. Other sources state that this should not be done. It can cause a bit of bewilderment even when companies in the business of buying, and supposedly recycling, batteries tell you to just throw them in the trash.

Throwing away 9V batteries in the trash, or keeping them un-secured in a junk drawer, is not a good idea. When dealing with 9V batteries:
  • Always keep them stored in their original packaging until ready to use.
  • When loose, use electrical, duct, or masking tape to cover the posts.
  • Keep used ones someplace where they won’t be tossed around, particularly with other batteries. Store them standing up if possible.
Source: National Fire Protection Association (

Battery Recycling Locations:

  • Virginia Beach - Public libraries and most recreation centers.
  • Chesapeake - Recycles Day is where you can enter in a product to be recycled, along with your zip code, and get a list of businesses that take recycled items.